The Grass IS greener . . . right here.

Get a taste of the opportunities that await you in our region. An internship provides you with real world work experience that you can’t learn in a classroom.

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Have an Edge in the Job Market

Students who have completed internships obtain employment more quickly following graduation. Many employers prefer or require applicants who have relevant work experience and in many of the more competitive job markets it is essential to set you apart from other applicants.

Benefits of Doing an Internship:

  • Gain valuable experience in the professional world.
  • Build your resume and expand your professional network.
  • Learn from people who are established in their profession.
  • "Test drive" a potential career. 

Networking Opportunities

An internship allows you to meet people who may help you land a job later on or be just the contact you need in the industry you’re trying to break into. Internship contacts can also lend valuable references from people in your industry to your resume.

Apply Classroom Knowledge

An internship can give you the chance to use the skills you've learned in the classroom in a real-world setting. It’s a chance to prove the worth of your qualifications and to show that you can perform in the role you've been given.