Success Stories

TJ Studio, Bemidji

Trish Richie

Over the past eleven years TJ Studio has had multiple opportunities to tap into the knowledge and talent at BSU via internship opportunities that have spanned from computer science majors to graphic design majors. Each encounter has proven to be a learning experience for both TJ and the student. TJ has been fortunate to offer long-term employment to some of the students and retain their expertise in Bemidji. Other interns, that have moved on, still provide consulting services on a project-by-project basis, which has been a win-win for all.

Trish Richie, Owner - TJ Studio

Sanford Health, Bemidji

Brad Neis

The Bemidji State University interns have been extremely instrumental in starting up a joint venture between Sanford Bemidji and Bemidji High School. Their involvement has allowed us to successfully launch the Bemidji Lumberjack and Sanford Health POWER Summer Program. Brian and Kendra’s enthusiasm and knowledge of sports performance training has been wonderful. We can’t thank the Neilson Foundation and BSU enough for this opportunity to have such fine individuals available to assist with our program.

Brad Neis, Director of Rehab Services - Sanford Bemidji

Karvakko Engineering, Bemidji

Mike Karvakko

I was really impressed with the level of knowledge Rueben brought with him—which speaks volumes for the level of education provided at BSU. It has been a real pleasure to mentor Rueben and watch his skills grow, and it was a welcomed decision by our staff to keep Rueben beyond the period of the Neilson Foundation Internship Program timeframe. We will definitely apply again for this program next year.

Mike Karvakko, P.E., Principal at Karvakko Engineering

Bemidji Chrysler Center, Honda of Bemidji

Al Giesbrecht

Not only was our intern Jake excitied and enthusiastic about receiving the opportunity to work with our business, it was a valuable way for him to get real life experience in today's work environment, and a great eye opener for the road ahead. Thanks to the Neilson Foundation Internship Program for the opportunity to support the growth and education of our students today.

Al Giesbrecht, Service Manager - Bemidji Chrysler Center, Honda of Bemidji

Minntex - Quick Lubes, Bemidji

Sandy Macleod

Our experience with the BSU intern programme was very fruitful. It was energizing for our organization to engage with a student with drive and enthusiasm. Our intern benefited from valuable real world business experience and we benefited from fresh ideas and perspective and a link into the BSU academic community.

Sandy Macleod, President - Minntex - Quick Lubes

Design Angler, Inc., Bemidji

Mitch Blessing

Since our business started 3 years ago we have been looking for internship opportunities to participate in. The Neilson Foundation program allowed us to hire 2 summer employees at a fair wage, thus allowing them to expand (and live by) their skill sets. It was good for the company's moral, good for the intern's career paths, and good for me. I found I learned as much from them as they from me.

Mitch Blessing, Creative Director - Design Angler, Inc.